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Bgc is Brazil's largest background checks specialist with a solution that combines technology and legal expertise and delivers fast and secure results for businesses of all sizes.

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  • Document validation

    Extraction of data via OCR and verification in relevant organs.

  • Criminal background checks

    Verification and analysis of criminal cases and issuance of certificates throughout the country.

  • Facial recognition

    Comparison of the photo of the candidate with the document, through artificial intelligence and machine learning.

  • Security testing

    Application of toxicological tests and psychological assessments focusing on evidence of unwanted behaviors.


Mass background check

Bulk Check

Our system queries dozens of data sources in Brazil in seconds and does so on a very high scale.

Integrate your product through API

API integration

Integrate your system with bgc and make your flow 100% automated.

Legal experts analyse your check

Legal expertise

Lawyers check all the evidence found to ensure correct evaluation of criminal cases.

Customize your product for your needs


We can customize the product according to specific demands. We do not believe in the same shelf solutions for everyone.

Differential background check

Whenever the system finds a criminal occurrence, one of the BGC attorneys will conduct a risk assessment, taking into account the nature of the crime, the involvement of the candidate, and the progress of the process.

We have also often been able to analyze the digital process for additional information or find the process of origin for pre-trial letters cases.

Better background checks

Get experts to provide more security to your customers